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Tanks | Low
Melee DPS | Low
Ranged DPS | Low
Healers | High

Death Knight | Low
Demon Hunter | Low
Druid | Healer
Hunter | Low
Mage | Low
Monk | Healer
Paladin | Healer
Priest | Low
Rogue | Low
Shaman | Heals
Warlock | Low
Warrior | Low

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* Progression Legion

Emerald Nightmare
Heroic Progression 0/7
Mythic Progression 0/7
Il'gynoth, Heart of Corruption
Elerethe Renferal
Dragons of Nightmare

Night Hold
Heroic Progression 0/10
Mythic Progression 0/10
Chronomatic Anomaly
Spellblade Aluriel
Star Augur Etraeus
High Botanist Tel'am

Welcome to:

Welcome we are a NZ based raiding guild on the OC Celestrasz / Nagrand Realm, Alliance faction. We are focused on all end-game PVE content Blizzard makes available to us while maintaining an environment that is welcoming and inclusive to all players.
Our approach is to recruit pleasant people with a community spirit, then if they are interested in raiding utilize logs and trial raids to place them onto the team that best matches their current performance level and preferred style of play, from LFR to Mythic.

Non raiders are always very welcome.

We have three raid teams in total:
1. Team 1 - Progression Focused Concentrating on Clearing All Mythic Content.
2. Team 2 - Heroic-to-Mythic+ - Concentrating on midrange raiders that want a less progression focused atmosphere / Intense raiding environment.
3. Weekend Social - Offering a chance to see normal and Heroic content on the weekend.

Our goal is to offer raid options for players of all levels of play intensity.
All raid teams run between 6pm and 9pm Server Time (8 11PM NZT)
Team 1 Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
Team 2 Thursday, Monday
Weekend Sunday

Our loot rules vary according to team, but always focus on how a particular piece will best enhance progression.

Distortion was Founded in 2008 as a Progression Raiding Guild that wanted to maintain the atmosphere of a social family guild, offering times friendly for a majority of Kiwis and Aussies with early bedtimes. Our Current GM has been in the guild since 2009, offering a stable raiding environment now for over 8 years.

Due to our democratic structure and to pre-screen those applying for raiding positions, we ask that you fill out a short application: Please click this link.

Want to Know More?
To learn more about how to earn a progression or casual raiding position, please Click Here to see an overview of our various raid options and how to Apply to the teams. We also offer a social rank for those interested in questing, leveling, achievements, and pet battles, For this you will just have to message any rank 4 or higher in the guild for an invite.

Thank you,
Distortion Admin Team.

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