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Ranks, All You Need To Know
« on: July 12, 2016, 08:15:14 PM »
Officers / Officer Alts / Raid Assistants
Are Guild officers. They are held to the same standards of raid eligibility as Weekday (Progression) Raiders. They are decided upon by a discussion within the current officer core.
Nobody may apply to be officers. You will be approached.
- Assistants are selected by the officers of each run and are promoted to help with the running of the respective runs. They should be treated and respected as a leader in the guild, albeit with out the same administrative power.

Team 1 (Progression Raiders)
If you aren't on every night that team raids, on time, performing better than most other players, you will be replaced on the team.  Players are simmed and reviewed to consistently maintain a reasonable percentage of the sim.  Each player must maintain a list of areas they are working on improving and track progress.  Exceptional mechanic execution and preventative damage reduction cd usage must be demonstrated.  If you make the same mistake more than once or twice (consistent improvement pull-to-pull expected), or if you perform more than 15% away from others in your same role, you will be swapped out during a raid.  Players may be asked to sit on specific fights to maximize the team composition.  You may be expected to maintain a geared offspec and change specs based upon specific fights as needed.  Out-of-raid game play and research elements to maximize performance are required 100% of the time.  There will be no guarantee of 100% raid participation unless you play so well that it would be against the team's best interests to bring someone else.

Demotion out of Team 1
If you aren't on time every night the team expects you, and if you perform poorly compared to the rest of that team, or if you make the same mistake more than a few times in a night (consistent improvement expected), you will be replaced on the team. Out-of-raid game play and research elements to maximize performance are required 75% of the time.  Typical evaluation period to replace someone at this level would be two weeks.  If performance is not consistently advantageous to the group across this time frame, another player will be given the permanent spot.

Team 2
As long as you consistently gem, enchant, and follow rotations based upon the current information on your class and role, you are welcome (in other words, you are giving it your best reliably, and doing what you can to learn and improve consistently). Attendance is a little more relaxed over the requirements on team 1, and will be evaluated independently. Must still be able to perform basic game mechanics.

The Raiding Requirements

-Must come to the game open to questions, comments, and criticism about your class, spec, gear, and play style. In return people offering/asking about such need to approach those conversations with respect and in a constructive manner.  Any concerns or feedback about player performance must be given to the raid leader privately (no public call-outs from non-leading members).

-Mythic team members must be committed to being at max level and as raid-ready as possible the night the raids open

-Every item must be maximized: enchanted and gemmed at the highest possible level.  If you are missing enchants, gems, you are not eligible to raid.
-Must come to all raids prepared with the appropriate level flasks, highest level buff food, highest level health/mana/stat potions, and any reagents you may need for spells.

-Must come to all raids already having a basic understanding of your role in that night's farm bosses and the next 2 progression bosses.

-Must be able to follow the raid leader's directions reliably and execute game mechanics effectively. Making a mistake when learning a fight is expected.  Making the same mistake more than three times is not.  Accepting direction and feedback without getting defensive is required.

-Must be able to pull the minimum required dps across a boss fight. This is extremely variable based upon the tier and the fight, but if you are the lowest on the dps meter by more than 15-20%, expect to be asked to step out.

-Have an equipped item level appropriate to that tierís content.

-Must not attempt to distort or circumnavigate the loot system to your advantage at the expense of others.
-Notify us in advance if you will miss a raid, Via Facebook, Discord App, Txt Message or Forum Post.  Emergencies happen, but if they happen more than once in a blue moon, expect to be replaced.

-Be online, ready for an invitation, and prepared to begin to raid at the raidís scheduled start time.  This includes being at the raidís entrance and logged into your raiding toon.

- Miss no more than two Weekday Raid nights in every rolling four-week period.

The Process

The application online is the first step, followed by a discord interview to determine personality fit.  If recruiting for a specific raid teamís open spot, both logs and a trial raid will be required prior to being assigned a specific team.

Team 1 is led by: Logbo, Phinky, Phyph & Brobow. 
Team 2 is led by: Dazz, Bite, Vod & Entrust
The Weekend team is led by one of the above Officers.

While submitted WarCraftLogs records and performance in the Trial raid is the main determination about who is eligible for Progression Teams, officers will also discuss when Promoting or Demoting.

As we gather raiders, the goal is to have a minimum of 5 additional players for each raid team.  There will be at least one alternate for each role.  Who serves as an alternate vs a core team member will be determined based upon performance.

Progression Raid positions are not permanent and may be revoked at any time if performance or attendance becomes an issue.

Raiders may ask to be reviewed for a position in the next most intense play style raid at any time based upon their performance in their current raid team.  If found to not meet the next most intense raid requirements, at least 1 month must elapse prior requesting a new evaluation.

Is it our hope that these guidelines and requirements will allow us to maintain the level of performance needed achieve some of the highest server rankings while still providing a more relaxed raid option for those who cannot commit to the more intense raid team requirements.  Our goal is to offer full guild raid experiences even for those who choose to only play at the Flex level, and for players of all levels of intensity to be equally valued and always treated with the same level of respect no matter what their preferred play style.

Long standing members of the guild that have contributed valiantly in a previous Expansion Raiding or Administrating, That have stepped down and are now social members.

Weekend raiders
Consistently Showing up to the social Weekend raids will allow you to obtain this rank for increased guild repairs.

Dear Social members, We love you, with out you we would not have a vibrant, friendly guild. Entry level rank for new members that are not raiding but want to join friends and family in the guild.

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