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Guild Application: Jingy
« on: December 05, 2016, 01:16:51 AM »
Raid Team Applying For (Mythic or Heroic) Team 2 - Two nights a week relaxed Progression

Character Name: Jingy

Battletag: ujelly#1419

Class & Spec: mage fire/frost

Offspec - Are you comfortable playing your Off-Specs?
  • yes all frost/fire/arcane

Artifact: - Number of Artifacts traits learnt - rank 21, 889 i lvl

Age & Location: 29 Sydney Australia

Current Server: - Server transfer's welcome - Barthilus

Armory Link: - Please ensure you have logged out in your raid gear -

Please Select your current Audio setup? - Yes - Headset

Gaming System - Please provide us details about you Internet Connection and Computer.
  • Dual sli GTX 650 TI boost
    Water cooling
    i5 - 3570k
    8GB ram DDR

UI & Addon's - Please provide a screenshot of your UI and a list of current addon's you are using.

Guilds - Please tell us your current guild and list any previous guilds you have been with a brief explanation as to why you left.
  • Team Eugene, we got 9/13 mythic in HFC before the guild died, stopped playing after that, only recently come back and been working on my gear.  started playing again in new xpac maybe 3 weeks ago, hit 110 a while ago but didn't play.

    Been in a few guilds were we normally clear 50-70% of mythic before it dies.
    Raid Experience - Please provide your experience with current raids only. You may list any proud achievements from previous raids.
    • in TBC and WOTLK i was in tsunami for  2.5-3 years, we were #1 oceanic with a few top 10-20 kills. those were my younger days where i could commit for 4-5 days raiding a week.  I have good game awareness and understanding on it since ive been playing on and off since Vanilla

    Logs - We need to see logs to be accepted into mythic team, things like rotation and up time are important to us, and allow us to measure you against our current team.
    • couldnt find prev logs

    Raid Times - Do you understand our commitment to making raid times? - yes

    Do you know anyone within the guild - no

    Your Role - Please give us a brief explanation of your role within a raid.
    • Besides dips, soaking certain ability or used to, hero if no one presses it. mechanics in prev fights mages were especially good at, good mind set, no triggering

    Progression - During a progression night we may wipe a lot while learning the fight are you able to handle these nights?
    • yup

    Guild Tag - If invited to the guild you will be wearing our guild tag, We require our members to not slander or abuse other people either in chat or any public forum, is this likely to ever be a problem with you?
    • sure

    Yourself - Give us a brief description of yourself.
    • pretty relaxed guy, work hard during 9-5pm, recently married as well.  just looking for a guild where i can participate killing dragons, collecting pixels and experiencing the new content when its out, my previous guilds raid times were very ideal as the wife doesn't get home to 9pm so it doesn't cut into family time for me.

      If raid team 2 is full also happy for the 3rd option of weekend raids, i may not get mythic but at least heroic/normal is better then current LFR - also would be good to do mythic + with guild and not randoms

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    Re: Guild Application: Jingy
    « Reply #1 on: December 07, 2016, 06:48:51 PM »
    old mate jingy ae

    will have yarns and get back to you!!

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    Re: Guild Application: Jingy
    « Reply #2 on: December 08, 2016, 07:59:48 PM »
    Hi Jingy,

    Thanks for the app. We need to see some logs.

    Are you available to raid Sunday evening? If so we have a raid that day where we'll be doing some of heroic EN and normal HoV.