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Guild Application: Demonkeklik
« on: June 17, 2017, 11:08:28 AM »
Raid Team Applying For (Mythic or Heroic) Team 1 - Three Nights a week Progression

Character Name: Demonkeklik


Class & Spec: Warlock - Destruction

Offspec - Are you comfortable playing your Off-Specs?
  • I can play Affliction, I am working on playing demonology at the moment, I am just waiting to get 52 points on that spec. I will be happy to play any spec.

Artifact: - Number of Artifacts traits learnt - 52

Age & Location: 27 - Invercargill

Current Server: - Server transfer's welcome - Frostmourne

Armory Link: - Please ensure you have logged out in your raid gear -

Please Select your current Audio setup? - Yes - Headset

Gaming System - Please provide us details about you Internet Connection and Computer.
  • Have Gigabit Fibre internet from Stuff Fibre ISP.

    Computer has:
    GTX 980 Graphics card
    I5 6600 k CPU 3.5GHz
    16gb Ram
    and a 256gb SSD that has Wow on it.

    If you would like further info please feel free to ask.

UI & Addon's - Please provide a screenshot of your UI and a list of current addon's you are using.

    I use Blizzards standard UI for Raid Frames and Name Plates.

    I use weak auras to track important cooldowns, resource management(Soul Shards & Mana), to track debuffs on the target and to track buff up times. I also create weak auras for certain mechanics on encounters to better aid with this. An example of this would be using a weak aura to track the cast of Avalanche in Nelth Lair, affording me enough time to move to avoid the rock falls.

    I also use details, as a way of tracking my damage and healing, but more importantly to check buff and debuff uptimes and in the event of my death review the details to see how i died.

Guilds - Please tell us your current guild and list any previous guilds you have been with a brief explanation as to why you left.
  • Exist - I am currently just a social in Exist as my friends raid with them. I do not want to raid at Australian times and 4 nights a week every week. During early progression I would be happy to extend the raid times to 4 nights a week or if the guild was pushing for a kill.

    Elite Four - Social guild that was made with a group of friends after the collapse of Crimson Blade in MOP

    Crimson Blade - This is where most of my raiding experience came from competing for US and Oceanic firsts during ICC, Cata and Early MOP. The reason we left was that the guild collapsed after the first tier of MOP.
    Raid Experience - Please provide your experience with current raids only. You may list any proud achievements from previous raids.
    • Legion -
      10/10 Heroic NH
      7/7 Heroic EN

      WOD -
      Didnt raid HFC
      5/10 M BRF
      6/7 M Highmaul

      Didn't play much after the guild collapsed.

      DS - 8/8 heroic Oceanic 1st
      Firelands - 7/7 Heroic
      BWD - 6/6 Heroic
      BoT - 5/5 Heroic
      ToFW - 2/2 Heroic
      Raiding was split between accounts during this expansion. Charachters that I raided on were a resto druid Shikuchiki - Frostmourne and a priest Fisper - Frostmourne.

    Logs - We need to see logs to be accepted into mythic team, things like rotation and up time are important to us, and allow us to measure you against our current team.

    Raid Times - Do you understand our commitment to making raid times? - Yes, the raid times are convenient for me and that is why I am applying to the guild.

    Do you know anyone within the guild - Nope

    Your Role - Please give us a brief explanation of your role within a raid.
    • As a DPS, the first step is to manage mechanics correctly. If encounter mechanics are not managed properly it will mean a wipe for the raid regardless of how much damage I do.

      After the mechanics are managed correctly I need to manage my cooldowns to manipulate how I damage and what I damage are the right targets and burst is done at the right times.

      Thirdly, I need to stay aware of my surroundings and be alert for any useful information which may help the raid to improve the strategy.

      Finally, increase how much damage I am doing so that my damage output is as big as possible. This is done long before stepping into the raid including, doing sims to assess theoretical damage output, making sure that gear is properly updated, farming for useful upgrades and AP in the downtime, and practicing and learning the rotations in a dynamic environment like Mythic +

    Progression - During a progression night we may wipe a lot while learning the fight are you able to handle these nights?
    • Wiping is a part of learning, If we are wiping and learning nothing from the wipes then I wont enjoy it much, But if we are wiping and we are learning from it then it is absolutely fine and part of the process.

    Guild Tag - If invited to the guild you will be wearing our guild tag, We require our members to not slander or abuse other people either in chat or any public forum, is this likely to ever be a problem with you?
    • Im pretty quiet when it comes to forums and trade chat as I hate typing haha.

    Yourself - Give us a brief description of yourself.
    • I'm a pretty relaxed individual that enjoys progression content. I currently study accounting and am in my last year of that.

      I am happy to move into team 1 or team 2 to start with and once I am at an appropriate level would like to move into team 1.

      I realise that my recent Mythic experience is lacking and as i said above I am happy to start at the bottom and work my way up.

      I have mostly played healers and tanks in my time during Wow and am excited to develop a mastery over caster DPS.

      If you have managed to read this far thanks for taking the time to and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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    Re: Guild Application: Demonkeklik
    « Reply #1 on: June 19, 2017, 03:38:25 PM »
    thank you for the app. We would most likely start you in team 2 as we expect team 1 to be focussing on progression ASAP. Looking at your logs and raiding history on the lock. your missing a few key elements of gear, and rotating on the bench probably wont allow you to get upto speed in a timely matter.
    I have passed your post onto our team 2 officers and they will be in touch.


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    Re: Guild Application: Demonkeklik
    « Reply #2 on: June 19, 2017, 04:35:43 PM »
    Hey, thanks for the reply, I completely understand and am more than happy to start in team 2. Thanks for the prompt reply.

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    Re: Guild Application: Demonkeklik
    « Reply #3 on: June 19, 2017, 07:42:47 PM »
    accepted as trial into team 2.
    please hit one of us up. based on your history we are happy to assess you for team 1 at a later date.


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    Re: Guild Application: Demonkeklik
    « Reply #4 on: June 20, 2017, 10:26:13 PM »
    Hey, thats great news, I will try to transfer the charachter across within the next day. cant seem to log in to battlenet at the moment and the shop isnt showing up for me at the charachter select screen